Day 1: Hello World, Open Social Style!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 3, 2007 by gmichaelamante

First, get an Orkut/Google account if you don’t already have one…

Since Google’s own Orkut is one of the first social networking platforms to support OpenSocial.

Signup: [here]

You’ll get an email, which allows you access to their SandBox to develop-test your application within: [here]

Follow these directions, or just grab the code and upload it to your favorite web host. Or just Copy and Save the link to mine.
HelloWorld Tutorial:
[save as]

Within Orkut’s Sandbox, click on the ‘applications’ item on the left nav bar. Then add an application by url, Pasting the above URL into the textbox.

You now have a HelloWorld application in your left Nav Bar!

Piece of cake, ready for part II? Getting a list of your users friends…